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Source: IG @meganhess_official  

Source: IG @meganhess_official  

To all Long Distance Relationship-ers (LDR-ers) out there, this Valentine's day is going to suck...........unless you have a plan. One thing i know about being in a LDR is that, it forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you think creatively! Plus, every romantic gesture you do has the potential to earn a million cookie points! It's just the way it is. For some odd reason, receiving an unexpected bouquet or package, getting a pre-recorded video, a hand written letter just gets everything sparkly and delightful and for that day and the next few days, the world is ok for your significant other. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN have a wonderful Valentine's Day, even in a Long Distance Relationship.  Remember, you need to plan, like I said, else, it'll suck. I reiterate, the "Suck" factor will abide, mainly because you have nothing planned and all the couples are out that night cuddling, strolling, making out, or all three at the same time!

Here are 3 Things to consider during this planning:

The Surprise

All your significant other (sigO) really wants for Valentine's Day, is you. If you can, plan a trip to see him/her, make it a surprise! I once pulled off a surprise visit, i flew in from Italy on a Sunday, landed at night. Of course, this was all strategically planned. I knew Ed would be at church for about 2 hours out of my 7 hour flight and i know he eats huge lunches on Sundays, which is inevitably followed closely by a chronic case of food coma. He didn't wake up until i landed! We chatted for a while and went to bed, he was completely oblivious. The following morning, at 5AM, i got to his apartment building, ready to surprise! I was let in by the gateman, and then.......and then........and then.......I got attacked by his dog who had run into the compound, clearly perplexed by my presence. Lol! Then he had to rescue me from the dog, who I admit has always been a little jealous of me. Anyway, the visit was epic and amazing!

Strategically plan a surprise visit, it's worth 4,678,000 Cookie points!

The Gift

Since the beginning of time, the most common Valentine's Day gifts have been; Perfume, Teddy Bears, Cake, Chocolate, Flowers, Engagement rings (now we're talking, Grin)! They are all cute but sometimes, getting creative and character-specific with gifts earns you more points that the generic gifts. 

Secret: I once sent a video of myself dancing to Don Jazzy and Tiwa's 'Eminado' to Ed one Valentine's Day. This video has since been destroyed, so as not to hinder any political office aspirations I may have in the future.

Generic Gift** (gift wrapped): 900,000 Cookie points

Creative Gift: 2,570,000 Cookie points


The Date

LDRs are the best! They get you creative, I tell you! They also make you appear a little looney.

Date night on Valentine's evening is a possibility, provided you are ready to give it a try.

Dress up (yes, shoes too), order or make a meal, call Sig.O on skype, light some candles (but don't turn the lights off because you won't be able to see each other) and have a Skype date on Valentine's night! Of course, if someone walks in on you, then you'd look a tad nuts but what do they know! If you both are culinary enthusiasts, the date can begin in the kitchen! 

 What are your Valentine's Day plans? Ever planned a fun surprise visit? How did it go? Were dogs involved? Hope not!


**There's absolutely nothing wrong with generic gifts, present it properly and bump up your cookie points!

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