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7 Hilarious Fashion-Mishaps And How to Recover

7 Hilarious Fashion-Mishaps And How to Recover

Girls, you know it! There are number of fashion uber-duber-oops that none of us ever want to experience. Sometimes they occur but there's nothing some confidence and grace can't fix. Although, #7 would require a lot of grace! These are my top scariest fashion mishaps and recovery options. What are your biggest fashion-mishaps?

Oops #1 That my wig would fall on the road and be mistaken for a brief moment for a puppy.

I admire women who wear wigs fearlessly, who strut and flip its silky curls over their shoulders. I, on the other hand, am very careful. I don't trust wigs. Period. I definitely can't whip it back and forth (as I am required to do at Zumba class). Wearing a wig requires you to be poised and dignified always. You have to constantly remind yourself that you can't get into any brawls. Every insult to you MUST be countered by a humble "Shalom" and a wave of hand. No fights with wigs.

Also, a handy wind vane and anemometer must be in your purse. For no one knows where the wind bloweth.

Recover: Remove you wig cap swiftly and stare at the wig along with everyone else or pick your wig in one confident swoop, throw in a cat-walk, find a mirror and fix it!

Oops #2 That I'll trip in heels, fall and remain on the ground...forever

I love high heels. Who doesn't, right? The thing is, wearing heels requires patience and elegance. There's just no way around it, otherwise you stand the chance of looking like a day-old deer.

I fear that I'd be on my way up to give a presentation or talk one day and then I'd fall. This was the thought that guided my steps, as I received my graduation certificate. Easy does it.

Recover: Lie there forever or get up, laugh and keep strutting. The shorter the recovery time, the better.

Oops #3 That my false lashes may fall into my food and I may eat it.

I don't wear false lashes but if I did, I'd be worried.

Recover: Well, I'd stop chewing first. Find a mirror, fix it asap or remove the other lash and go au naturel.

Oops #4 That my red lipstick will get smeared all over my face.

This has happened already. My niece loves brightly colored things; in this case, my lips. When I carry her, surely, as a moth to a flame, her fingers find my lips and she gently spreads the colour all over my face. She still doesn't get the concept of localized color on a face. But I say this, better this than her yanking a wig off.

Recover: Find a mirror. A girl needs a mirror always. Wipe off smear, reapply lipstick.

Oops #5 That my distressed jeans will get caught in something and rip themselves into knee-length shorts.

For this reason, I wear evenly covered denim pants.

Recover: Add a pair of sunglasses, start a trend.

Oops #6 That I'll poke my eye with a needle.

My friend's mum separates her lashes with a needle when her mascara clumps them up. She carefully passes the needle between the strands and I must say it gets the best results -thick, evenly coated, separated lashes. This used to be part of my makeup routine...that is, until I poked my eye one day. Conclusion. Do not try this at home.

Recover: Set down needle. Make an appointment with your ophthalmologist. Reassess your need for perfect lashes. Try using several types of mascara wands per application. Watch YouTube videos.

Oops #7 Of course,my final fear is that if I wear a long, strapless evening dress with a long train, someone would step on the hem and it'll all fall down.

Then I'd trend for months and become a renowned GIF! Gasp!

Recover: Use renowned GIF status as a career-starter, get endorsements.

What is your biggest fashion fear? What are your recovery techniques?



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