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OMS- I Laugh At These Skinny Girls


Off my shelf (OMS), today, is Tolu Akinyemi's exquisitely crafted poetry collection, "I Laugh At These Skinny Girls." Poetry for People Who Hate Poetry. 

He literally just made poetry accessible to those of us that zoned-out and nodded our way through Ulysses in Literature class. Wait....did we read Ulysses? I can't even remember but we read a bunch of JP Clarks, I think.  

I can assure you, if Tolu's book was a literature book in SS2, my arm would be permanently raised in Literature class.....instead of the eye-dodging professional I became with my Lit. teacher. The fiction selection was a bit zone-out-friendly too...

Teacher: Have you all read chapter 1 to 3 of Anthills of the Savannah? 

Students (chorus of lies): Yesssssss!

Teacher: Ike, mention 5 themes from Anthills of the Savannah.

Me: *Zoned out already, thinking about Britney Spears new song* Errrrr.......Ants? 


Rough times.  

Anyway, if you love poetry, you'll love it and if you hate poetry, so would you! If you like being amused, it's packed with wit, while touching on significant and current issues in our society, so get a copy here or there!  


This is not a sponsored post. I just read like a nerd.  


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