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The Friendship Challenge!

Friends love through all kinds of weather ❄️ ☀️🌨⛈🌪 ⚡️💨☔️

Friends love through all kinds of weather ❄️ ☀️🌨⛈🌪 ⚡️💨☔️

To all my friends, old and new, 2016 is that year you have NOT been waiting for! I'm on a become-a-better-friend campaign and so I guess I'll be in your faces very much this year. 


Every time I post something like this, I get tried and tested immediately! I feel like there are some mystical blog deities that just send me bouts of trials, mandating that i practice what i preach the moment I publish stuff that is targeted at improving lifestyles. Anyway, i'll have another accountability post soon!

*End intermission*

Where was I? I'm trying to be a better friend and family member. 2016 is that year when I will be in your face, call you at odd hours, make awkward video calls, put up photos of us riding on camels in Dubai, throw back on Thursdays with you (beware of old unflattering photos on instagram).

P.s I have never been to Dubai, friends, 2016 is the year of Dubai! Let's buy tickets and fulfill this camel-riding photo dream!

So a quick glance on how to improve my friend status this year.... 

According to the Stanford Encyclopedia, friendship is built on 3 main platforms:

1. Concern: Reciprocated concern actually, not just regular concern; and according to Aristotle, spending time with your friends, wanting the best for and doing good to them  is pretty pivotal to healthy friendships. no envying or being too busy or ignoring calls *blink*

2. Intimacy: Sharing experiences and information that build trust which also implies that we must avoid anything that would weaken the trust so painstakingly built e.g gossip

3. Shared activity: I need to find creative, fun activities to do with you guys! This is where Dubai comes in! *Grin*

 I'm so excited about this and I know what you're thinking, my friends.....I forgive you in advance for ignoring my calls. 

Becoming a better friend this year? Yup or Nah-ah?  

Friendship-themed Give-Away coming up soon!

The Hot Granny Goals

The Hot Granny Goals