My name is Ike. I am a writer. I drink way too much herbal tea and believe in the power of kindness, love and a good book.

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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Everyone!  

I have zero New Year resolutions! Yay! I do have goals though. Dangerously ambitious goals relating to all aspects of my life; for one, God and I need to go back to our 5&6 status; I need to build on my professional skills; need to build on my kitchen portfolio-the amount of rice I ate in 2015, could probably fill a 3000 square feet house; need to learn to use chopsticks-no more asking for forks at Chinese restaurants; I need to say "Splendid" when I'm pleased and not "Yay"- overused that expression; need to stop saying "Ah!" when I'm surprised, as the Yoruba girl that I am. I might resume again in 2017, though. 

Most importantly, I have huge goals to get to know my readers more and to express my appreciation more often. So, thank you for the support, love, comments, messages, wishes on PGI in 2015. I pray God makes this year fun and full of life for us and that we  continue to learn as a community. 

What are your 2016 goals?  


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