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6(+1) Things to do before the end of October

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11 more days in October! What to do? Here are 6 things to try before November comes along:

Evaluate 2015 goals

What were the top 15 things you planned to accomplish this year? Did you want to start blogging or designing? Did you plan to leave your job, get rid of some habits or a guy *side eye*? How much of it has been accomplished? Have no fear, there's still time for accomplishments! There are 11 days in october + 61 in Nov/Dec.

Write goals for November and December and set your deadlines

In the -ember months, I personally just switch off on goal-setting and chill till the following year to accomplish something great but there's so much time to  accomplish so much still in 2015! I finally decided to write an exam I have been putting off in December. Yay! I'm seizing the -ember moment. No January is going to steal it's thunder. Set goals to be completed before the end of the year and start January on point.

Rewatch your favorite movies of 2015

For me it was the Avengers : Age of Ultron and Jurrassic world.

Nothing like Scarlett Johansson reminding me I can't dye my hair red, go to work in a leather cat suit and drive my bike under an 18-foot trailer on a regular sunny day all at once. I'd have to pick. 

The lesson I learnt from would have to be that family is more important than spending all your time nurturing a socially dysfunctional genetically-mutated pyscho dragon-dinasour.  

Actually both stories seriously discourage you from creating crazy innovations that get out of hand and try to kill all mankind. Both also convey the fact that the cheek-bob hair style is back.

Have a before dawn- movie session on a Saturday morning

I have been trying to do this with Ed with little success. The plan is to have a complete lounging day beginning before dawn and watch a movie, probably Breakfast at Tiffany's. At dawn, we watch the sun rise from our balcony while drinking home-made herbal tea. What could be more awesome than that? Now that I've written this out I can see his reluctance. Lol.

After seeing the red moon, I've become more aware of the heavenly bodies, stuff goes on up there we hardly take note of. Maybe we'll just watch the sun rise and head back to bed.

Do something for you

Because you deserve it. 2015 is almost gone, a little pampering, huh? I, for one am in need of an economically viable exotic experience. Not sure what it is for now.

Do something for someone else

It's almost 2016! It's so exciting. Someone else probably doesn't see the excitement because they have lost hope of anything coming along with a new year. Reach out to people who need hope and give to them; time, money, love.  October 22 is make a difference day, find ways to be a blessing to others!

Have a date with God

Contrary to popular opinion, dates with God does not involve dreary, long one sided conversations to someone you think might be somewhere above the skies, who may or not be listening as he has his giant white beard groomed by cherubs. A date with God really is like having a date with anyone else. I learnt this a few years back; grab your fave beverage (mine would be infusion tea), your bible and chill next to the fan/AC , in my case, the fire place and then soak yourself in the moment. No phones. No date has ever ended well with a phone between your faces. Best date ever! 

What are you up to for the rest of October?  


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