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10 gifts (+another 10) to take to a bridal shower

10 gifts (+another 10) to take to a bridal shower

Going to a bridal shower? And have no idea what gift to buy. Well, relax, I'm about to bring more than 10 ideas your way.

I am pretty sure I have goofed everytime I tried to buy a bride a gift. Simply because I usually buy her what I want. Hehe. There's nothing more demoralizing than seeing the gift you bought her, dusty and unopened, seating in her junk closet, after her third child. So let's try some personality linking to our purchases. What's her personality like? Is she adventurous or a couch potato? Is she glam or a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl? Does she live on a treadmill, does she eat oats and quinoa all day long? Is she a foodie or an artist? Pick out which of these the bride is and check below! If she's not on the list, drop a comment below...let's brainstorm together!

The Daisy bride (1)

Flower vase 

The Musical bride (2) 

Headphones (an upper grade Sennheiser, she will love you for life. Bose, if you can. Beats, if she loves color. Sony, if you are on a budget. )

The Foodie bride (3)

A cookbook or a paid trip to a chef's kitchen to learn new dishes, or simply lunch (as a foodie I know I'd rather just eat it. Away with any cooking!) 

The Sexy bride (4)


The Health enthusiast bride (5)

A pedometer and/or a smoothie maker

The Bride who actually cares to wear an apron (6)


The Satchel-lover bride (7)

A purse of any kind!  

The illustrator Bride (8)

an illustration of the couple or of both of you

The make-up on-point bride (9)

Of course, more makeup. And some makeup remover. Am I the only one who thinks everyone needs a good makeup remover?

The Shoe-lover bride (10) this works for most brides, it's a no-brainer


The bride who has now morphed into bridezilla (11)

Space (I'm kidding, I honestly don't know what would please a bridezilla) Any ideas? 

The Adventurous bride (12)

A ticket somewhere

The Stressed-out bride(13)

A spa voucher (she will need this the week before the wedding)

The Nerdy bride (14)

A Journal/book, not this book 

That moderately Sexy bride  (15)

Moderately Sexy PJs

The Bejeweled bride (16)


The tipsy bride(17)

A bottle of red wine

The Gym-junkie bride (18)

Gym gear or Boxing gloves and pads.

The student bride (19)

Money/ Some investment too

The blogger bride(20)

I'm stuck here. What do blogger brides want? A paid session with a pro photographer for her blog, maybe. A session that probably lasts a week! 


What kind of bride are/were you or will you be? What would you want?!


How to avoid a "*Bleep* Better Have My Money" incident

How to avoid a "*Bleep* Better Have My Money" incident