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Selfies and Piggy-backs

Isaiah 46:3-4 (MSG)

The more I read this with my name scribbled in, the more I see myself on God's back, completely protected and at rest. Also completely taking a selfie!

If you've ever had a baby on your back before, you'd know that they absolutely love it. They turn their heads from side to side and smile to themselves (for some reason), poke you a bit and pull your hair (if you have any) but eventually, they fall asleep. It's a place of protection and comfort. Studies show that babies carried this way find security in their carrier, forming a bond, listening to the carrier's heartbeat, getting used to his/her voice and moving when he/she moves.

I want to hear God's heart beat, i want to hear his voice. And he promises to carry us till we are old. Like when we are 97, we will still be pampered and doted on by our God, piggyback riding and still hearing his voice, pulling his hair and enjoying the warmth of his love-while taking a selfie.


PS: Scribble in your name in verses that show God's promises to you! What's you favorite promise from the bible? You could take a screen-shot and upload in the comments!


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