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Minimalist Santa: Nerdy Glam

New week, new crush-items! If you ask me about any of these items in my sleep, i definitely can tell you where to find them and spell out their corresponding URLs, its that deep. 

1. Congrats to our Fitbit Give-Away winner! More give-aways coming up on PGI!

2. I'm currently reading this book and i recommend it highly. If you have any entrepreneurs in your life, grab them a copy.I think at least one quote from it frames my day, everyday. Available on Konga and Amazon.

3. And of course, you should be reading #2 while wearing these festive gems from Swarovski!

4. I currently have on yellow nail polish and as i type this post, a part of me is all giggly and bubbly on the inside. Yellow is such a delightful color....there is a reason minions are yellow... go figure

5. Who has caught this yellow-fever too? Yellow Carry-all Tote , Banana Republic

6. This is a painting from Debra Cartwright. I have one of her paintings in my creative space and 3 things hit me when i look at it; girl power, hair goals and #feistydoesit ! Mix some Jesus in and you are all set for 2016!

In other mistletoe-related news, let's remember to bless people who have no warmth (both physical and emotional) this season and always.


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5 Things to Know When Your Unofficial Girlfriend is Engaged to Another Guy

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