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4 Things I wish I knew on Dating Boulevard

It would be so great if we all had a map, compass and a picture of "The One", as we walk down Dating Boulevard (DB); better yet, if we had Google maps and the red pin was where the one was at! 

Wouldn't it be bliss, if Dating Boulevard was a ruly, civil road free of crazy people; if it had traffic wardens so we don't get run over by those same crazy people. The interesting thing is we DO have wardens, we just don't pay them any attention; friends, family, even ourselves. Sometimes, your inner self is like "There's something odd about this guy; his long, curly lashes and his slow blink and the way he stares directly into my soul. Careful." Yup, we have self-checks. Then the emotional part of your brain goes,"......*sulk*......But he stares into my soul and give me butterflies and my heart is beating like a jungle drum!!! Rroo ka do ka do goong ka do ka roo doong."

We ignore our warden and then BAM! Curly eyes runs you over with his heartbreak-mobile.

Clearly, this lady has been more successful on DB

Clearly, this lady has been more successful on DB

I got on dating boulevard pretty early, so I've had my fair share of run-overs. In no time did I realize I had to learn to be street-wise. I had taken a couple of wrong turns, jay-walked aimlessly and ended up at someone else's red pin.

I admit, i did meet some interesting people along the way but still wish i was a bit more savvy. Here are 4 things I wish I knew on Dating Boulevard:

1. Develop your bullshit-o-meter

54% of the time you can tell if a person is being dishonest. Pretty good odds. More than half of the time, you can tell a jerk from a true catch. O, what needless heartbreaks we bare, because we do not develop our bullshit-o-meter. I definitely could have avoided some miss-road situations and curly eyes if I had developed mine. I could have cut them down by 50% ! Pay attention to your wardens. 

2. Know when to cut your losses and jaywalk

Hanging on to someone who clearly wants nothing to do with you is an absolute life retardant. If you think about in DB terms, it's actually stalking. Lol. Find someone who makes all effort to make YOU happy and then respond accordingly. Your happiness comes first, look out for yourself. The streets ain't loyal. 

3. Do some research on curly eyes

I think one of the most exciting things about dating is the tingling excitement and manic butterfly episodes that happen in our tummies. Still, research and scrutiny are your best friends. Don't try to kill the butterflies, just scrutinize according and keep your own happiness formost. Find out about him, his past. Knowing if he's a serial-heartkiller helps tremendously, don't you think? 

4. Let "the one who got away" get-the-heck away!

There's probably some crazy science behind craving the one who got away. Pause while I go find out ---- haven't found anything, if you do, please let us know. Ok, so i seem a little intolerant of the ones who got away. They just tend to do more ruffling than anything else. They confuse and cause unhealthy doses of nostalgia. You keep running into him on every corner of DB. Keep moving. No second glances, no detours, otherwise you run the risk of missing your red pin! 

Sometimes the one who got away is a blessing and "away" really is where he belongs!

Any "curly eyes" experiences? How do you (or did you) survive Dating Boulevard? Share with us!


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