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4 Surprising Things That Happened to Me in 2015


1. I became a Justin Bieber fan!

I blame his new album. I can't believe I started liking him! I had been so indifferent for so long but now I'm a fan of his music, I can't deny. After watching him perform at some show in New York during Thanksgiving, I guess it's safe to say, I'm now a bieliber...senior citizen's category. 


2. I moved to a city that I had always flirted with but never really took seriously

Remember when you were single and you'd flirt with that cute guy at work, like every other day and then suddenly you guys are married...... in less than a month?

You don't?

Yeah well, something that unlikely happened to me. It was pretty weird. I hadn't ever imagined I'd end up here but i'm delighted i did! *Flirt* *Flirt* *Wink*


3. I had so many Action-packed dreams

This I blame entirely on my devotion to Blacklist and Game of thrones, more Blacklist though. Ed and I also watched mostly action movies this year, for some reason. Thank God, I had Downton Abbey to dilute all that adrenaline. would have been nice to dream about Downton Abbey though, drink tea, eat crumpets and weetabix and listen to Adele.


4. I twitted for the first time ever! 

Ok, that isn't so surprising. Nope wait, it completely is! It's 2015 and I was still a Twitter-Virgin in October! I liked to imagine I was the only Twitter virgin out there but probably wasn't...*shrug*. Anyway, I'm now a proud account holder with 83 tweets, follow me @pagesbyike and let's get random. Another surprise: I had thought I would be a chronic twitter.....tweeter..... (do they call the people who tweet, twitters, tweeters or Twitties? Smh, I'm so far behind). Strangely, i'm not too addicted to it but i am developing this new love for it though. 

What surprises did you have in 2015? Married in less than a month? In your flirt-city suddenly? Dreaming about John Snow's ressurection too often?




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