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Fear Hack: Post Paris-Mali Attacks

I don't run alone

I don't run alone

The plan is to remain active all winter long. God and I are aiming for 20 miles/week. We will be indoors, of course; at the gym, no point testing the elements, when just one of us is immortal.

The other day we were out for a run and imagined that if we, dad and daughter, were out for a run, chances were that we had angels running with us, like a security attaché thing. They probably had on jog pants and trainers and ran in stride, with sunglasses, ear pieces and guns gold swords....I guess.

After the Paris and Mali attacks, I guess it's only natural that we all find ways to deal with the fear that creeps into our minds as we walk briskly past crowded places and avoided sustained glares. For me, I've chosen the Father. I've chosen to believe the fact that he walks (and runs) with me and the unseen fact that he has set his security attaché over us.

Don't be spooked.

We do not walk alone.


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