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How I Hacked Winter Studying

Yet again I find myself studying in the winter, a girl who grew up knowing two seasons; the humidly hot rainy season and the dry, even-hotter harmattan season.
I foresee many more scholarly winters in my future. Winter, if you ask me should be a season where we all hibernate like bears; cuddle up in caves, metabolism low as heck, drink tea (or whatever bears drink) and file our nails....but again no one has asked me.
While we all wait for me to be asked, I have tried to make my winter studying as conducive for success as possible. My winter study kit includes (and I want you to picture as I list them): a cup of tea, a blanket, my socks, huge sweater, lounge pants, hot water bottle, my books/laptop, my bed and a pillow. If you have envisioned this study-kit properly, you'll conclude that chances are that I'm going to study for 5 minutes and then fall asleep until 6 AM, then I'd wake up angrily and start study again.....and you are right. Winter studying is a pain.

So how did I hack it? It was pretty easy. It was through the unintentional help of two of my friends.
I had told these two on separate occasions about my 5 minute study and snooze situation. They jokingly advised me with the best study hack ever, winter or not.  The interesting thing was hearing the same suggestion from two different minds. They said the next time I snoozed 5 mins into studying, I should tape my tuition receipt to my a friendly-ish reminder. It cracked me up, still does whenever I think about it but they had a very valid point. A reminder that tuition has been paid for your endeavors either by a parent, guardian or yourself does give you a kick in the bum. It gives even a harder kick when it's a loan. I taped my tuition receipt to my desk and it helped me through a cold, windy winter. Bet i'd do it again soon. So thank you guys, you helped me hack winter studying!

What's in your study kit? Have you hacked winter studying? Tell us how!



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