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The "Let it Burn" Post

You are a light.

I am a light.

So why is the world so dark?
— Yours truly

Ever since I was a child, I was convinced that everyone could see into my bedroom, whenever the light of my room was on. Later on, I believed people could see into my room whether or not the light was on.

The latter was caused by paranoia and by watching too many stalker-outside-your-window movies. Lol! So let's stick with the first. The first conviction has proven itself time and time again. It is the reason why on one very dark night, as i did the dishes at the kitchen sink, looking out the huge kitchen window into the neighbors' living room (unintentionally), i saw too much. Way too much. Way, way, way too much. So much that I had to suspend my chore, all because their lights were on! If you leave your light on, people WILL look into your home, hence the invention of window curtains. Use your curtains, neighbor.

The first is also the reason why i now live on the second floor surrounded by tons and tons of trees and I'm also a bit more careful with looking into lit-up homes....all that trauma. Cringe.

So what's this thing about light? Why is it so attractive?

Why does it attract so much attention?

Well, first, it attracts the observer probably because he/she is in the dark or in a less lit room;

Second, because the observer's interest is piqued by the illumination;

Third, because illumination promotes visibility and direction.

What if I told you that you were light; that there's someone in the dark that needs some of your light; that someone needs hope, needs to see what's going on in their lives and have a sense of direction; that you are a flare and that someone, people, even a whole community could be sprinting to your light?

So if you are a light, why is it so dark where you are? Why are people broken apart, staring hopelessly into space and defeated? I asked myself the same question and i figured it's probably because i'm right beneath my bushel, knitting and singing Taylor swift songs and way too self-absorbed.

It may also be because I'm operating on "low current" and giving off a flickering beam. I might not be consistently connected to the source of my light (God), not beaming as brightly as I should.

Today, I've decided to burn my bushel (good thing it's made out of wicker!)

It's all gone and encourage you to do the same. If you look around you, no matter what part of this great and magnificent planet you are, you will see darkness. It's time to burn that bushel, come on out. It's time to beam and give light, time to be a beacon of hope and love.

Let it burn, then let it shine.


                                                                       This is so me. Smh. Burn that Bushel ❤️

                                                                       This is so me. Smh. Burn that Bushel ❤️

Do you know someone who needs your light?


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