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Love, Angels and Grunts

Love, Angels and Grunts

"Don't give people advice once they fall in love. Give it before." That's what one of my older friends says.

We all know people are very irrational when it comes to love, so once a person keeps coming back to you with the same problem, same complaints, same situation, same bruise(different eye), you need to grunt and be done with it.

No point trying to "speak sense" into anyone who is in the skies above, floating on heart-shaped clouds with harp-playing angels. Though the Angels have also wondered and probably asked her about the black eye from last week and the inverted bruise this week. They asked what she's doing up, up here on the clouds still, naturally she must have replied them with the ".....but I love him" statement, so the Angels grunt and play on.


No one really listens to you when you advice them to leave someone they think they are in love with. They usually come to the realization themselves and not because someone told them to. This happens in time or sometimes never at all; sometimes they remain with the bruise-giver for life. As a friend,  be ye not irritable if she knocks on your door and stumbles in with a tear-streaked face, sits on your sofa and asks for the umpteenth time, "Should I leave him?", she's crying yet again, using up all your tissues, just like she did last week. And the week before. (This is why you tactfully bought her some handkerchiefs for her birthday).

Even though it's eating you up inside and you want to shake some sense into her, show her a mirror and scream "Yes!" in all 7000+ languages (with the angels as backup voices), just grunt. Seriously, don't bother. #JustGrunt

P.s: If you need to ask someone if you need to leave some guy, you already know the answer. Grunt.


What are your thoughts on grunting? Would you keep advising or would you grunt in chorus with the Angels?  


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