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5 Animations to look out for in 2016

Mums and dads, you know Pixar, Illumination and Disney have you covered every year. 2016 is coming with amazing movie-date opportunities for you and your kids! Who says parents can't go  see a movie too, well technically, it's an animation which is in someway a movie. Who cares, you get to have some more bonding time with your babies! If you just groaned out loud at more time with your babies, well, groan no more, you can set up dad with the kids and they can go out and see angry birds while you escape to a spa where Pixar is the furtherest thing from your mind as you get your neck kneaded into muscle-heaven.

Another thing to do while the cat and kittens are away would be to create something, anything; write a poem, sketch something, paint something, sew a dress, design a purse, start a blog! Nothing is impossible in the presence of calm. [Click here for some encouragement.]

So quickly, check out the trailers and plan those movie dates, the next Mona Lisa isn't going to paint itself, m'am! 

Top 5 Animations (2016)

1. Kung Fu Panda 3!

Apparently Po finds his real dad, or supposedly finds his real dad. The trailer is just down right funny.

2. Angry Birds Movie

I've never played the game. During the time when it was popular, i was on a no-addictive games streak....until i got sucked into CandyCrush. Tut-tut-tut. Then rehab, withdrawal symptoms, sweating and the works. No games for me, i can't wait to see this movie though!

3. The Secret life of Pets

Usually i'd watch anything set in New York and that has Kevin Hart in it. So there.

4. Finding Dory (official trailer to be released)

Remember Dory, the blue fish from Finding Nemo? Well, i can't say i'm surprised but she's lost and Marlin and her friends need to find her.

5. Ice Age: Collision Course (official trailer to be released)

More Scrat! He's the highlight of the Ice Age movies. I can't help analyzing the relationship Scrat has with that acorn. It really depicts a deep message of chasing things we think we need, hoarding it and watching it prove to be elusive, over and over again. Children movies are deeper than you think. Plan your 2016 animation schedule!

Have fun!

I'll update this post the moment all trailers are in!


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Bank of Daddy to Bank of Bae

Bank of Daddy to Bank of Bae