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For de Men Dem: Your First Date Kit.


It's the first date!! We all know men like to act like the first date is a 'casual' see-where-it-goes affair, so read the first sentence again without the exclamation marks. They also like to pretend like they don't fall into the frantic "What do i wear?!!" dilemma, so we are going to pretend along side and casually put up this product collage, so they can 'casually' be aware of what might work on this 'casual' event.

Let's jump right in. What are the 5 places on you she will notice first?

If you said eyes, you are wrong! Top 5 places she will look: Your shoes, your shirt, your ankles, your hair, your watch (maybe). That explains #1, #2, #3 and #6a. #6a, being your shirt, if she cares about labels, she will notice a crest, if you care about crests too, well, i guess you both are in luck! Your shirt has to be clean, crested or not, like this #6-guy kinda clean. No recycling for your date! Do not rummage through your laundry bag. Don't. Women have a superior sense of smell, i'm not kidding, click the link to see. We smell everything you can't. 

#3 is Coconut oil for your hair, beard (no pressure, unless you are in the beard gang. If you are, then pressure!) and your ankles (we see them). Ashy ankles are one of those things that can only be tagged as preventable. Prevent it. The fact that you smell of coconut is probably an interesting ice-breaker. Hehe.

For a first date, comfort is important. You would already probably have a mild nervous breakdown from being close to her (except you are Bond. James Bond.). I guess its best you dress up in stuff you are comfortable in which brings me to number 6b! Shorts! I'm a great believer in shorts on a first date. It  gives her the opportunity to see if it's an Esau or Jacob situation we have going down there and also gives you the opportunity to show off those legs. That is, if you have legs you are proud of. This is only appropriate on certain occasions, obviously and is completely up to you to try out. I don't think i've ever been on a date with someone who was brave enough to wear shorts....ok wait, maybe once. I don't think it was voluntary though. Long story. Only the brave....Pharrel pulled it off on the red carpet more than once. #Justsaying

#4 Handkerchiefs, aren't those extinct! Well, they shouldn't be. You probably need 2, one for drying your nervous perspiration(unless you are so together like Bond. James Bond) and the other for her, just in case she begins to cry for some reason. Maybe she can't believe how perfect you are and how long she has been waiting for someone like you. The things that make us cry......rme*. 

#7 Sunglasses are great, but not for the whole duration. She probably wants to see your eyes at some point (except you are crying too, lol). #5 is this really nice bracelet by Paul Hewitt which i couldn't resist putting up. Accessories are great, as long as it's a minimalist effect overall. 

I generally wouldn't recommend a tank top for your first date. Why? The armpits. The armpits are NOT a place anyone wants to get acquainted with right after the first "hello", especially if the hair there is of significant volume. Cringe*.

In conclusion, you don't need to have all these items to have a good time. It definitely helps to be neat and well put together and most importantly to have good intentions, which all women wish could be as apparent as your bare legs but she'll have to learn to decipher if you are a hit and run kinda guy all by herself.

 If you live anywhere where your leaves are turning various shades of the primary colors already, well, this is probably the last weekend to try to wear this. So goodluck! 

**Sheabutter also works wonders on ashy ankles but the smell would probably break the ice and much, much more.

Would you wear shorts on your first date? What 5 places do you think women notice first? 


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