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My name is Ike. I am a writer, blogger and an ardent lover of Saturday mornings and Mondays! I love music, tea and blogs (clearly,lol). I have bad hair days. I love books and being surrounded by them. I love people and new cultures. I am deeply and madly into my husband, Ed. Interestingly, we are in a crazy love triangle! Jesus Christ is our foundation and he's seriously in our business. Definitely the best relationship I could ever hope for. (If you haven't met Jesus yet, you can here!)

Everything I write, they both read, before I post.

About Pages by Ike

Pages by Ike is a safe space where we can all hang out, learn and grow together through un-sober reflections! I'm kidding, for all those who need to be sober, please by all means be sober. What was I saying, yeah, safe space...... hanging out, real talk, no pretension and no judgement. It's a life-hack resource for a generally more awesome you. So if you need some hehe-respite in the middle of your day just visit us here. We are here all week! 

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