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Talking Donkeys

Balaam and his donkey are the stars of one of the most alarming stories in the bible. God is patient. Oh my! Like, he is repeat-myself-to-you-a-million-times kinda patient. The kind of God, in my experience who will repeat himself to you until you act. 5 bucks says He had spoken to Balaam in many ways and sent many other people to tell him the very same message- his mum, his mother-in-law, his granny, his neighbor’s granny...

Promises, Promises And Why God Makes Them

Imagine God promises you something, anything. Let's say... hair. He promises you hair because you are going bald and you’ve refused to eat for two days because of this. So he says, “Behold, my balding child!” In His earth-quaking voice, “I am going to give you hair, and fill up those bald spots! In fact, I’m going to give you a full head of hair; hair that’ll make Jon Snow weep!” 

What do you think is going to happen?